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  Working with text and descriptions

All the entries description fields are supports rich text formatting (RTF), images, tables and hyperlink insertion.


There is a special toolbar and a pop-up window that provide these options:




Here you can change fonts, paragraph formatting, add bullets and background etc. Text editor allows to insert text from file, images (even animated GIF files), special symbols, horizontal lines, tables etc.


Paste special


You can paste contents of the clipboard into a description area in various ways using the "Paste Special" popup menu item or Ctrl+Alt+V shortcut:





Paragraph Formatting


To open the paragraph formatting options, click the "Paragraph" button:




Here you can change paragraph alignment, colors, borders, indentations etc.


Text Wrapping


Interactive Calendar supports various text wrapping types. To set up a text wrapping around the pictures, please select a picture, or put cursor after picture. Then click the "Text Wrapping" button.

The "Text Wrapping" window will be opened:




Just select any text wrapping type and click the "OK" button.




To create a hyperlink inside a document, click the "Hyperlink" button. The dialog window that creates hyperlinks will appear. You can add a link to any URL, email address, any external file or folder.




Special Symbols


To insert a special symbol, click the "Special Symbol" button. A dialog box will appear:




Select Font and necessary Symbol and click the "OK" button.


Horizontal Line


To insert a horizontal line, click the "Horizontal Line" button. A dialog box for line insertion will appear:




Select the Horizontal Line color and width, then click "OK.




To insert a table, click the "Table" button. A dialog box for table insertion will appear:




Select the number of rows and columns in the table and click "OK.

To change the cell colors in the table, select "Table - Cell Color" popup menu item. To change the table settings, use the pop-up menu with additional functions.

To change the table properties, click the "Table - Properties" popup menu item:




In this window you can change Table width, colors, spacing etc.




To add a background to a document, click the "Background" button. A dialog box will appear:




Background Color - here you can choose a color for background.


To add a picture, click the "Open" button and select desired picture file. Interactive Calendar comes with some background pictures. You can find them in the "...\Interactive Calendar\Backgrounds\" folder.

To save current background picture to a file, click the "Save" button.

To remove picture from background, click the "Clear" button.


Picture Position - if the picture is selected, you can set up its position: Tiles, Stretched, Center, Fixed Tiles, Top Left, Top Right, Bottom Left, Bottom Right.


Padding - here you can choose the text editors padding.


Search in texts


To find a string or word in the text, click the "Find" button. A dialog box will appear:




Using this dialog box you can find any words in the text and replace them with the new one if necessary.

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