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General Information
About Interactive Calendar
Features Overview
Installation and system requirements
Interface types and colors
Multilanguage interface
Information about updates
Working with Interactive Calendar
Interactive Calendar overview
Desktop Calendar
Main window
Adding/Editing appointment
Recurrence - advanced options
Deleting appointments
Interactive Calendar - Print
Working with text and descriptions
Previewing and printing report
Program's options
General options
General Options
Calendar preferences
Text Editor options
Interface Fonts options
Desktop options
Desktop Calendar options
Calendar Fonts options
Working with databases
Search in database
Copyright and License
Copyright and License
Technical support
Technical support


  Technical support

We are always ready to help our customers. If you are experiencing any difficulties with Interactive Calendar, don't hesitate to e-mail support service at:


email support@CSoftLab.com


Also you can send the message to us, using web form at our website:



Please note: we can provide only limited technical support and with low priority for this software because it is a freeware product. We are sorry for this inconvenience.




Your suggestions, ideas, comments are of great importance for us. We want our software to meet your needs, and the most wanted features will be included in future versions. You are welcome:


email support@CSoftLab.com


When submitting a bug report, try following these rules:


·Provide the software title and version.

·Provide the windows version and system configuration.

·Describe a bug, using as many details as possible.

·Describe the sequence of actions that leads to the bug.

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