C-Organizer Professional v3.1 press release

For immediate release

October 1, 2004

Contact: Vitaliy Sokolik
Company: CSoftLab
Title: Marketing Communications Mgr.
E-mail: press@csoftlab.com


You think you have no time for your kids, no time to sleep, read, exercise, socialize - in short, no time to live? Wait a minute (if you can spare one). Time-study experts say people tend to exaggerate the number of their working hours and, surprising, as it may seem, you have more free time now than at any point in the past 100 years. In fact you are working fewer hours than you parents did in 1965: about five fewer hours per week for women and six fewer for men!

So where all this free time is going then? "Many problems, says Vitaliy Sokolik, CEO of CSoftLab, appear not because a 24-hour day is critically not enough for the modern man but because they cannot organize their activities and feel stressed all the time!" Mr. Sokolik continues "The greatest time sinkhole is your time schedule or its absolute nonexistence. An increasing amount of free time now comes in tiny portions: a half hour here, an hour there. You have to organize, plan your time carefully and you will find missing hours for a mountain hike with your family or a chat with your old friends; otherwise you will always be a time bind prisoner."

We usually regulate our activities with the wealth of the age old gadgets like alarm-clocks, notebooks and calendars. We can also attend special time management seminars designed to give us "the deep understanding of how to do things in time without forgetting". However there is now a better way of organizing yourself. The advent of the new computer age brought to life PIMs, personal information managers. These are sophisticated time and data management software like C-Organizer Professional which offers PC users a digital Planner, Event Scheduler, Calendar, Notebook, Address Book, Password and Bookmark managers, all packed up into one powerful and easy-to-use application. C-Organizer and the like can bring out and help to cultivate time architect skills even in the most hopeless time prisoner.

How does C-Organizer make it all work? It's like this. Designed for use in Windows 98/Me/NT/2000/XP, this nifty application will help you create and keep track of daily routines, appointments and tasks so that you can more evenly distribute your workload and gain extra free time. You will never again feel embarrassed at forgetting to congratulate your boss on his birthday or your parents on their wedding jubilee as the program will notify you of the upcoming events in advance with a sound, screen reminder or via e-mail, if you are on the move. Notification may be accompanied by additional actions like opening a file, launching an application, PC log off, etc. The recurring event system will activate the reminder at a specified time interval, be it every day, once a week or once a year.

To further reinforce your organizing skills the program enables you to create RTF documents complete with images, tables and hyperlinks to other database records. Don't scatter your ideas here and there, keep them in one place where they are easy to retrieve and view. What is more, there is a digital Address Book which is great for storing information about your contacts. With its easily configurable database structure, you will never be forced to see a bunch of blank fields; see only what is available on a contact. Furthermore the Passwords manager will effectively secure your bank accounts, passwords and other sensitive data. Find out how many days are left before Christmas in the Event mode which will help you track important events, celebrations and birthdays. All the above mentioned modes support the tree-like database layout so that you can easily find your way around files and folders. You can prioritize and remember the tasks that need to be done by placing task stickers on the PC desktop.

So much for the words. If lack of time is a problem you are eager to overcome, then why don't you try to be more of the time architect type and be more in control of your life with something like C-Organizer? Learn the basics of time management art with the FREE evaluation version of CSoftLab software: http://www.csoftlab.com/Download/C-OrgPro.exe.
The price of a single copy of C-Organizer Professional is 35.00 US Dollars.

About CSoftLab
Founded in 2000, CSoftLab is a software development company, focused on producing, publishing and distributing time/data management software worldwide. The CSoftLab family of products includes such top sellers as C-Organizer Professional and C-Organizer Standard which have been highly acclaimed by the software experts from PC Magazine, UK Wares, Soft Awards, etc.

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