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CSoftLab is an independent software developing company founded in 2000.

The specialization of the company is creating utilities for managing a personal information. Tools by CSoftLab help users to organize their daily work and information more efficiently.

In December, 2000 CSoftLab started activity in the world-wide market, when releasing the C-Organizer, a personal information manager.

C-Organizer Professional edition remains the company's best-selling title since the product launch in 2001. Originally developed in 2001, the program has since enjoyed a wide following and support from both regular folks and the media. C-Organizer Professional has been favorably reviewed in the electronic version of very reputable PC Magazine and received dozens of awards.

In addition to C-Organizer the company also offers Advanced Diary - a very useful and convenient digital journal for daily records; and Interactive Calendar - an easy to use and beautiful desktop calendar to plan daily activity.

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