History of changes - Interactive Calendar


Interactive Calendar v 2.1

  • We've added the Auto Correction options for spell checker.
  • Auto Correction now works correctly and in the text editor (Description fields, Print Preview etc.).
  • "Mark as completed" feature now will toggle between completed/uncompleted entry state.
  • Improved text editor engine.
  • Improved unicode support.
  • Now Interactive Calendar supports 5 new color schemes.
  • Other minor improvements and bug fixes.

Interactive Calendar v 2.0

  • We've added a full unicode support. Now Interactive Calendar will show correctly any international characters regardless of the system language.
  • Improved compatibility with Windows 10.
  • Many new skins and color themes. Now Interactive Calendar supports 45 color schemes.
  • New improved interface painting.
  • We've added a new spell-checker. You can check spelling in any text field, not only description texts.
  • You can insert check boxes directly into the entry description. This feature will be useful to create simple to-do lists, shopping lists etc.
  • Backup feature has been improved. Interactive Calendar will pack and repair databases before backup.
  • Custom colors will be saved for the future use when you add it in the Color dialog box.
  • Print function has been improved.
  • Interactive Calendar will restore tray icon when it disappear from system tray.
  • Other minor improvements.

Interactive Calendar v 1.3

  • Now Interactive Calendar supports a multi-language interface! Please contact us, if you would like to translate the program to your native language.
  • Additional desktop calendar customization: we've added an ability to hide or show the week numbers.
  • Now Interactive Calendar allows to change and save fonts charsets in the Options window.
  • We've added more information about the entries into the Records List window.
  • Updates Checker. Now Interactive Calendar can check for the new versions automatically and manually.
  • Proxy servers support.
  • Drag and Drop feature in the main window has been improved.
  • Installation and uninstallation procedures were improved.
  • Other minor improvements and bugs fixes.

Interactive Calendar v 1.2.1

  • We've fixed a bug in Wallpaper Changer functions (Interactive Calendar turn off this feature from time to time in previous versions). If you use Wallpaper Changer, we highly recommend to update your version of Interactive Calendar.
  • Interactive Calendar menu in system tray now will close correctly if you do not click any menu item.
  • Other minor improvements and bugs fixes.

Interactive Calendar v 1.2

  • Now Interactive Calendar supports recurring entries! Not necessary to create similar entries from day to day, you can make them recurring!
  • The program supports various types of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly recurrences.
  • We've added dual monitors support. Now you can choose on which monitor to show the calendar.
  • Moreover Interactive Calendar will work correctly with any monitors size, position and orientation.
  • Now Interactive Calendar is fully compatible with Windows 8 32 and 64-bit!
  • "Import" function has been improved. Also we've added an ability to import information from the C-Organizer databases.
  • "Export" function has been improved. Also we've added an ability to export information into C-Organizer databases.
  • Added Text Wrapping feature: you can select various text wrapping types to set up the text wrapping around the pictures in the Description area!
  • We've fixed a bug with the default font in the table cells in the Description area.
  • Fixed a bug with the entries visibility on the program's calendar in the main window.
  • Other minor improvements and bugs fixes.

Interactive Calendar v 1.1

Added features:
  • A wallpaper changer with customizable time interval.
Bugs fixed:
  • White screen after the program startup in Windows Vista.
  • The problem when calendar on desktop does not respond to mouse clicks has been eliminated.
  • We've fixed the problem with the stretched pictures.
  • Improved program codes. Now Interactive Calendar works faster.
  • Other minor improvements and bugs fixes.

Interactive Calendar v 1.0

First public release.

  • All known bugs were fixed.
  • Help System added.
  • Improved compatibility with Windows 7/Vista 32 and 64 bit.

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