Learn more about Advanced Diary! It so much more than just a simple diary!


Well-thought, user friendly interface - Advanced Diary has a clean and extremely intuitive interface. You won't spend your time trying to understand how it works.
Multiple Interface styles and color schemes - you can customize Advanced Diary interface as you need. It supports 3 interface styles and 50 color schemes.
Fully customizable layout - you can customize everything: from the program toolbars to information you would like to see.
Multiple languages support - the program is available in most popular languages!
Password protection - you can protect by a password and encrypt all your information in Advanced Diary.
Multiple databases support - you can keep your diaries in different databases and switch between them with one mouse click.
All diaries in a single file - Advanced Diary support multiple diaries and multiple entries for a single day. This is a unique feature available only in this program.
Email support - built-in email client allow to send any entries to your friends or colleagues by email.
Sticky notes - you can open any entry as electronic "sticky" note on your screen, set up its color and transparence.
Powerful print-out function - any data can be printed in various layouts using print templates. Moreover, you can edit reports before printing!
Print templates editor - Advanced Diary comes with built-in print templates editor. You can edit existing templates, or create own.
Powerful search engine - you won't lose any information because you can search the entire database in a matter of seconds.
Import and Export - Advanced Diary has all necessary data import and export capabilities. It supports RTF, HTML, TXT and DDB formats.
Storing attachments - you can attach or link external files you need to keep handy to any entry in Advanced Diary.
Multi-user database access - you can share database with others over a network and see all changes in real time!
Full Dropbox support - you can save a copy of your database into Dropbox and then load it on another computer with just one mouse click!
Backup and Restore - you will never lose your data due to computer crash etc. by using the built-in Backup and Restore features.
Fully portable program - you can install Advanced Diary onto a removable device and then use it on any computer!


Flexible, tree-like structure - you can organize your entries into multiple trees with subtrees, assign any pictures to your diaries for better visualization.
Colored categories (tags) and filters - You can assign categories (tags) to your entries and then filter your information by any category.
Advanced sorting capabilities - your data is organized your way. You can sort your entries by multiple parameters, set up manual sort order for groups.
Professional text editor - Advanced Diary supports rich text formatting: you can change fonts, colors, background, paragraphs etc.
Images and photos insertion - you can insert any pictures, photos into your text and resize them if necessary. Various text wrapping types are supported.
Full tables support - you add any tables into your entries, merge or split cells, change borders and colors.
Cross linking - you can add hyperlinks to any Internet pages, email addresses, files on your computer, or to another entries in your database.
Audio and video diaries - Advanced Diary comes with full multimedia support: In addition to the text entries you can record your voice or create video diaries!
Built-in media player - this feature allows you to play your audio and video records directly in Advanced Diary!