Free desktop calendar and planner Interactive Calendar is a fusion of a beautiful multi-functional desktop calendar and a convenient day planner.
Friendly interface Interactive Calendar's clean and extremely intuitive interface lets you get right to work.
Calendar on your desktop wallpaper Interactive Calendar shows monthly calendar and scheduled appointments directly on your desktop wallpaper, so you never miss them!
Extensive customization options Adjust anything from the position and size of the calendar to its skin, opacity, color, fonts, shadows, and much more, giving it a custom look.
Wallpaper changer Set up a time interval, select pictures and Interactive Calendar will change your desktop background using a built-in wallpaper changer.
Global search You won't lose any information because you can search the entire database in a matter of seconds.
Multiple languages English not your native language? No problem, Interactive Calendar is available in most popular languages.
Cross-linking Create links from any item to any other entry, local or network file, or Internet page.
Flexible printing Print your data in multiple layouts. You can create wall calendars or print reports using predefined print templates!