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Got Questions? We’ve Got Answers! This collection of frequently asked questions (FAQ) provides brief answers to many common questions about our products.

General Questions
Q: Are your products FREE? A: We have only one free product - Interactive Calendar. C-Organizer Professional, C-Organizer Lite and Advanced Diary are not free and require stration after 30 days of evaluation.
Q: What is the difference between C-Organizer Professional and C-Organizer Lite editions? A: Professional edition has full set of features available. Lite edition has all features needed for productive work. However some powerful features are only available in Professional edition. Please click here to see the main differences between the editions.
Q: If I purchase a license should I pay for updates? A: Your license will never expire for the purchased version and ALL versions released within 12 months from the date of purchase. After this period you should purchase an update, if you WANT to use newer versions.
Q: How to install your products? A: Simply run the installation package and follow the instructions.
Q: How to update to the new version and do not loss existing information? A: Before install the newest version you must close the previous version of the program (using the "File - Exit" main menu item). If you wish to keep your data from the older version, do not uninstall the older version. Simply install the newer version over the older version (i.e., install in the same folder as the old version). By doing this, your software is automatically updated and your data is left intact.
Q: How to uninstall your products? A: You should exit the program before uninstall it. To exit completely from any of our programs, please use the "File - Exit" main menu item and then uninstall it via "Add or Remove Programs".

Q: What happens when the evaluation period ends? A: After 30 days of evaluation, if you have not registered the software, you will not be able to open the program.
Q: How do I register your product? A: Please follow these few steps:
  • Go to the Registration web page at our website and click the "Buy Now" button near the product title.
  • Follow the instructions on the opened page to complete your secure order and receive a License Code.
  • Run the program and click "Help - Registration" main menu item.
  • In the "Registration" window enter your License Name and License Code, the restart the program.
    Your application is now registered!
Q: What if I have lost my License Code? A: If you've lost your License Code, please contact our technical support team and provide any information, which can help us to identify your order: email address, full name, order number etc. You will receive your registration code by email free of charge as soon as we verify your registration data.
Q: What if my License Code does not work? A: If you are a registered user any of our products and for some reason your License Code does not work, please contact us and provide your License Code. As a rule this happens if you enter your License Code incorrectly or register a wrong product version.
Q: I've purchased one license of your product. Can I use it on different computers (at home and at work)? A: Yes, you can use one license code to register our product on more than one computer, but only if you will use these computers by turns (won’t open the program on more than one computer at the same time). Otherwise you should have a separate license for each computer.
Q: If I upgrade the computer or reinstall Windows, will it be necessary to register once again? A: No, simply enter your License Code again and nothing more.

Applications workflow
Q: Are your products multi-user capable on a network? A: Yes, C-Organizer Professional and Advanced Diary are multi-user capable on a network. All data can be shared in real-time. Other products do not have this feature.
Q: How to share data over a network? A: You can find detailed instructions in these help topics:
For C-Organizer Pro
For Advanced Diary
Q: Are your products portable? Is it possible to carry C-Organizer or Advanced Diary with me in my "stick" drive from home computer to work computer, etc.? A: Yes, C-Organizer Professional, C-Organizer Lite and Advanced Diary are fully portable. You can install them on any removable storage device and then use on any computer. Interactive calendar does not support this feature.
Q: How to install application onto USB drive and make it portable? A: You can find detailed instructions in these help topics:
For C-Organizer
For Advanced Diary
Q: Do you have a mobile version of your products? A: Unfortunately we do not have any mobile versions, but you can synchronize C-Organizer Professional with Android and iOS based devices through Google services (Google Calendar, Google Tasks and Google Contacts). Also you can synchronize C-Organizer Professional with Windows Mobile and Palm devices, using our CO Pocket PC Sync and CO Palm Sync tools.
Q: Where do I get alternative dictionaries for the Spell-checker? A: You can download additional dictionaries at our website on the Dictionaries page. Make sure that you download correct version. For C-Organizer till version 5.x, Advanced Diary till version 3.x and Interactive Calendar till version 1.x you need to download old version of the dictionaries.
Q: How to add dictionary to the Spell-checker? A: Please unpack the downloaded files into the "...\[Program Folder]\Dictionaries\" folder.
Old version (before 5.0 for C-Organizer and 4.0 for Advanced Diary):
Add dictionary in the "Spelling Options" window. To access Spelling Options, run the spell-checking manually by pressing F7 button (please note that text should contain at least one misspelled word). "Spelling" window will be opened. Click the "Options" button in this window.
New version:
Click the "Tools - Add Dictionary" main menu item and follow instructions.
Q: Where is all my information stored? How to create a backup copy? A: By default our applications keep all information in the program’s folder. C-Organizer keep data in "c-organizer .cdb", Advanced Diary in "diary.dndb" ("diary.ddb" for v4.x and below) and Interactive Calendar in "calendar.idb" file. All our products have a built-in Backup function. Just click the "File - Backup" main menu item and select backup file location.
Q: How to transfer application and all information onto a new computer? A: Install the program onto your new computer, then copy default database file (see previous question for more information) from the old computer to new into the same folder.
If you have created any own databases, please copy them too. You can find the databases list in the "Database Manager" window ("File - Database Manager" main menu item).
Q: How to change a first day of week on the program's calendar? A: Our programs detect a first day of week (Monday or Sunday) in Windows settings. If you would like to change it, please go to Windows Control Panel – Region and Language and configure Formats.
Q: I've installed your program and would like to change the interface language. What should I do? A: All our products supports multi-language interface. If you would like to change language, please click the "View - Language" program’s main menu item.
Q: How to protect my information by a password? A: This feature is supported in C-Organizer and Advanced Diary. Please click the "Tools – Password protection" program’s main menu item and set up a password.